Estimated UPS shipping time for Concrete Remedy Deep Seal, Top Seal and Kennel Kits. Shipping is from St. Louis, MO.

Estimated UPS Shipping Times for products shipped from Dog Kennel Floors and Solving Concrete Problems in Buffalo, MO

Estimated UPS Shipping Times for GG Innovative Products...Concrete Stain and Sealers... shipped from Bend, OR.

Most orders are shipped the next business day after placed. UPS does not count the pick up day, nor weekends as transit days.

There are alternatives to UPS, so please call or email if you have questions.

For larger orders, the shipping is usually cheaper on a truck line. We get a very big discount on LTL freight shipping.

The policy of Dog Kennel Floors is to ship in the most economical way. There are never any handling or packaging costs... just the actual price of transport.

When ordering products online, the shopping cart will automatically estimate shipping charges on UPS.

Your credit card is NOT charged when the order is only authorizes the amount. Every order is hand processed and the final amount charged to your card will only be equal to or less than the authorized amount.

If the shopping cart underestimates the actual UPS charges, then Dog Kennel Floors makes up the difference for you.

If the shopping cart over-estimates the actual cost of shipping, then Dog Kennel Floors credits your authorized amount for the that you only pay the actual UPS costs.

In other words, we don't keep the difference...



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