At Dog Kennel Floors, there are solutions for all types of customers with all types of flooring needs.

You can get help in three broad categories:

1. Free consultation and assistance for any aspect of your flooring needs or questions. This is provided as a service to the animal care community. Check here first so you will never have to say "I wish I had known that sooner". Call or email and get the hard-to-find information you need to make informed decisions.

2. A series of options specifically for DIY'ers. Systems that have been selected and proven for ease of installation and maximum freedom from failures. You can buy the materials through Dog Kennel Floors and you will also get detailed ongoing support for every step of the make sure that you get professional results.

3. Professional installation of all kinds of flooring for kennels... from fluid applied polyaspartic or epoxy systems, stained floors, resilient flooring and specialty safety non slip seamless flooring. Installation services are available all over U.S. (We will also install any of the DIY systems for you if you do not want to DIY)


Please call or email for more information as everything is not on web site

The Kennel Kit (Perfect for DIYers and contractors)
The Kennel Kit is without question the most cost effective, easiest to do, longest lasting method to keep your floors and runs in top condition.
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Concrete Remedy Deep Seal (For prepping concrete before coating)
This alkali activated chemical penetrating masonry stabilizer never needs to be reapplied. It outlasts and outperforms typical sealers.
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Concrete Remedy Top Seal (trouble free non film forming)
This nontoxic, non-flammable, penetrating surface sealer completely seals and waterproofs most concrete, stamped concrete, brick, cured asphalt, stucco and sandstone surfaces.
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Stained & Sealed floors (DIYers, Contractors) An easy to use system to color and protect bare concrete...while avoiding the pitfalls and risk of other coloring methods. Create stunning floors for retail areas and suites without the drawbacks and problems associated with coatings. Stain floors, walls, block dividers and exterior concrete...
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Epoxy Flooring (Both DIYer and Professionally installed systems) We also install quick return to use Polyaspartic Floors
Properly installed, using proper preparation and applications methods, and quality appropriate materials, an epoxy floor is the choice for long term cost effectiveness and service life. Unfortunately, the area of epoxy is fraught with a lot of landmines and misinformation. Learn the straight scoop about epoxy and fluid applied flooring.
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Resilient Flooring (Professional installations all over U.S.)
In areas where you want some cushion or bounce in the flooring, resilient flooring can provide a great surface. Play areas, grooming areas--anywhere you need some give in your flooring surface for comfort and safety.
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What Is the Best Floor?

There really not a good "flat" answer. The truth is that it "depends". It depends on many different there is not a one size fits all simple answer. HOWEVER, having said that, I do have an opinion based on some years of experience with kennel flooring. IF your setting and expectations are such that you can have this type of flooring, then the very best floor is European Safety Flooring...It is beautiful, requires no maintenance other than cleaning, is safe, easy to clean, never needs to be sealed, and will have the very lowest life cycle cost of any other option you can get. You should get 20 years or more without interuption of your facility for maintenance.... Learn more...

Dear Grant,

We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your Deep Seal and Top Seal products are wonderful.

We used both products to seal our dog run, and we have had complete success as far as keeping the run clean.

Best of all, there is no smell of urine in the dog run.

Many of our neighbors have dog runs that smell of urine, and we really wanted to avoid that when we had our dog run installed.

Your products worked GREAT. We have recommended them to many of our friends with dogs!

Thanks so much!

Deborah Bigbee

Hi Grant -

thanks for the product again. I've applied it to my new kennels and it is working very nicely. I actually was able to cover the kennels using about half of the recommended amount of top seal and deep seal. My contractor used what he called "sidewalk quality" concrete. It is pretty smooth and not very porous, so I didn't need much to get very good coverage.

I had your product on my prior concrete kennel for two years and it made clean up very easy. There was no build up of odors, no discoloration and the kennel dried quickly after washing or a rainshower.

It convinced me to use it again on my second kennel at my new home and again I am very pleased with it.

I would recommend it to anyone building a concrete pad kennel!

--W. Coleman, Vermont

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