What You'll Find in the "How To" Tab

The information in the "How To" section is presented to help you have trouble free kennel floors. If you do not find what you need to know for your specific situation, just , Grant or call me at 417-733-4950.

If you are in the planning stages of a new kennel, make sure to look at the "Plan" section. Often it seems that the final floor treatment is only considered after the concrete is poured. Unfortunately, waiting until the floor is poured severly limits your options. By considering the pro's and con's of various floor treatment options BEFORE the concrete is poured you can save untold headaches and expense.

In the other sections you will find out how to "Protect New Concrete"

and then "Fix Old Concrete" or deal with various coatings maintenance issues.

In the "Measure" section I will explain how to measure and determine how much material you will need and what the price would be.

Finally, in the "Apply" section you will find a general overview and a detailed, step by step guide to applying material.




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