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Decorative Epoxy Flooring or Polyaspartic

Please call for more info. I haven't had time to get much information up on the web site yet.

Decorative and High Performance Epoxy Flooring...

You can get consultation, information and help with epoxy flooring by emailing or calling. Click here to see what can be done.

We can help you know the pros and cons of various alternatives. We can install any type of epoxy floor, from thin film breathable systems all the way to thick trowel down quartz systems.

My philosophy is to help people get the best system possible for the money they want to spend. That is better for you.

Often people tell me about failures and disasters they have had with flooring. One of the common issues is that they had a specific type of floor in mind...and then shopped until they found someone who said they could install that type of floor at a price that was within the customer's expectation or budget.

The problem that results from that scenario is the customer ended up with a low bid effect, they got a floor that they should not have been able to get at that price...and then it failed...costing many many times the initial cost to correct.

The lesson to be learned from that pretty common scenario is try to get the best floor in the category of floor that you can afford as opposed to picking a floor you want and then trying to find someone who will install that floor at a price you want to pay. Of course, it is possible to approach it that way...but odds are against you if you follow that course.

Because of that scenario, I like to ask people right up much do you want to spend for your flooring? Then I can help them find the best "bang for the buck".

If you need a floor, we can install it for you. Any place in U.S.

We also have a unique program that helps reduce the price so that more people can enjoy the cost benefit and cosmetic value of seamless epoxy flooring.

If you are a capable DIYer, I can work with you on site and reduce the installation price. (Assuming you work with me.)

The benefit of this "Cooperative Installation" service is that it saves you money, but most importantly it assures that your floor will be installed properly.

Or if you want to DIY, I have a good system which you can do... of course I help you so you know exactly what to do.

Click here to see the results you can get. A good job done by Chip Brown at Brown Dog Lodge in Memphis

And then Click Here to see another good kennel example done by Steve & Lenora Erb with the DIY breathable epoxy system at Countryside Kennels in Southwest Missouri.

As a rule, epoxy flooring is not really a novice activity, even though some who sell epoxy want you to believe it is easily done. While it is not rocket science, there is way more to it than typically understood.

Particularly in preparation. Secondly, there is a huge variation and difference in epoxies.

Did you know that only a handful of companies in the U.S. actually make epoxy? Everyone else, including some that claim to be "manufacturers" are really nothing more than reformulators or private labelers. Now there is nothing wrong with those situations, per se. But it is clearly a case of "buyer beware".

Click here for info on a breathable epoxy flooring system

The breathable system includes a special non slip feature that is very easy to clean and extremely safe against slip fall accidents for dogs and people.


Click on Pictures Below to Open a Larger Picture

Above: Heavy application of Brown Blend on PM400 Mocha Epoxy

Above: Small chips on PM400 Mocha

Above: Left side Quartz RBS system using PM400, right side bare concrete

Above: Light application of multi colored chips on PM400 Mocha

Above: Brown blend applied lightly over PM400 Mocha



Above: Beige blend over PM 400


Above: Dog Paw laid on floor before clearcoating

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