June, 2006

The mission of DogKennelFloors is to provide personalized assistance, education and environmentally safe products related to taking care of concrete in the animal care industry.

This is the place to find out how to solve all problems associated with concrete in animal care facilities, dog kennels, catteries, veterinarian facilities, boarding kennels and shelters - everywhere in which animals spend time on concrete.

Taking care of concrete floors and concrete slabs in the animal care environment presents real problems…at the same time it is a requirement.

My commitment is to you is to provide education and personal assistance so that you will know how to prevent or solve problems with your concrete. That is my priority. Helping you in a meaningful way.

My business philosophy is to "give first to prove our worth" by providing you information and assistance in order to help you.

I do manufacture, use and sell "Concrete Remedy" environmentally safe products that really give high value and exceptional results for all applications of concrete in the animal care industry.

However, I do not put selling products into the driver's seat. The choice of what you use to prevent or solve your concrete problems is just that…your choice.

My focus is to provide help, education, consultation and an honest source of information about the challenges of taking care of concrete in the animal care industry. The secondary issue of selling products will take care of itself.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in S.W. Iowa. After high school, graduated from Drake University with a BA in Psychology. Then went to University of Nebraska at Omaha for a Masters Degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology. After working in the Developmental Disabilities field for 18 years, I became self employed in the wood restoration and protection industry, owing and operating Wyoming Wood Care, Inc.

In 1995 I expanded my business into concrete restoration and protection, operating as Solving Concrete Problems.

I spent 29 years in Lander, Wyoming--with a great female black lab, cats, horses and 3 daughters. The daughters are on their own now. I recently remarried, sold my house in Wyoming and moved to the Ozarks in Missouri with my new wife.

Much of my business as a contractor over the last several years has involved the removal of failed finishes and coatings and then protecting wood and concrete.

Please take seriously my offer to help you. You can call or email me any time with questions or for free advice, with absolutely no obligation on your part.

I am happy to share with you what I have learned over the years. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, I will be glad to take you step by step through exactly how to take care of your concrete floors and runs.

Looking forward to being of service to you,

Grant Loyd

At the Humane Society of United States Pet Expo in Atlanta, 2005.

ABKA -- Orlando, FL Nov 2006

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